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Disney’s Vero Beach: Trip Report with Christian Hayes

Leilani on the beach.

Did you know that Disney has a beach resort in Florida? Today we are diving into Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. This resort is located in Vero Beach, Florida just two hours southeast of Walt Disney World Resort. To learn more about this resort, I interviewed my sister-n-law, Christian Hayes. She enjoyed a wonderful time here with her family a couple of years ago. Let’s jump into the interview to hear more about their trip:


Q: How many days did you stay?

A: We stayed here for 6 days. 


Q: Who all attended this vacation?

A: Myself, Andy, and Leilani. This was our baby moon before our new son Liam entered the world.


Q. How did you travel to the resort?

A. We flew to Orlando’s MCO airport and then drove the 1.5 hours with our rental car. 


Q. What time of year did you go? And how was the weather?

A. We went in October. The weather was actually perfect. It barely rained but I have to say that the ocean was very choppy that time of year. 


Q. What kind of stateroom did you stay in? What is your opinion of the stateroom quality?

A. We stayed in a standard double queen room. The quality was up to Disney standards. It was really nice and clean. Not to mention I was pregnant. Hello, I needed back support! Haha!


Q. Tell me about how you filled your days. What did they have to do as far as activities around the resort?

A. You could visit the beach, swim in the pools and they had a lot of kid’s activities. They even had s’mores on the beach! Since this trip was before Disney+, they had every Disney movie available in the gift shop for a free rental. We thought that was really neat. They also offer free put-put golf for the family.


Q. How would you compare this pace to a regular Disney vacation?

A. This was very laid back, slow paced and relaxing. There was a very chill beach vibe the whole time.


Q. What were the highlights of the trip?

A. Enjoying time at the pool. It kept our daughter Leilani occupied the whole time. She was so happy and loved it. Offsite there was this nature habitat park that had a bunch of animals. It was fun and we loved it. 


Andy and Leilani playing in the kid’s pool by the water slide.

Q. What goals did you want to achieve with this trip? 

A. We wanted to enjoy our family of 3 while we could before my son was born. This trip was all about Leilani and making her feel special.


Q. Were there any negative items that you would like to add?

A. The only negative was the beach. Seaweed was everywhere and I didn’t see any efforts of them cleaning this up. 

Q. Do you have any recommendations on items to bring or pack that caught you off guard?

A. I would say bring your own beach toys as they don’t provide any. Snacks to save you money. A sunhat and sunscreen as those items are pricey in the gift shop. 


Q. How was the dining at the resort?

A. The food was so good. They even have refillable mugs like the parks! While we were at the pool, we would eat from the quick service option the Wind & Waves Market. We would enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinners at the Wind & Waves Grill as well. The food was delicious, our plates were clean. It was a really nice restaurant and be sure to make reservations.


Q. With Disney World so close, did you visit?

A. Yes, we went to Magic Kingdom on our second day. It provided a good mix to our vacation. 


Q. Overall as a family, what were your favorite things?

A.  Andy loved the waterslide. Leilani loved the waterslide, making a shark tooth necklace and she won the fastest time on the waterslide race in her age bracket! I enjoyed chilling next to the pool. Being 7 months pregnant, it was very comfortable to lay next to the pool and I enjoyed watching them play.


Christian, first of all, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to complete this interview with me. I am very appreciative. Secondly, thank you for your thoroughness. I was able to learn a lot about this destination from your experience.


This concludes this blog. I hope that this interview was insightful, which was my goal. If you are looking for your next family vacation, give this place a look! If you would like quotes or are looking to book, give me a shout. I’d love to work for you! Until next week, see you real soon!✨


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