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A Great Big Beautiful Adventure

Well, the day is here and I want the world to know! I’m announcing myself as an official agent specializing in Disney travel!! I’ve waited for this opportunity for what seems like an eternity. This wasn’t a quick decision for me. Yes, I love all things Disney and traveling to Disney World, however, I was steadfast and praying for God to move me into the right direction. I didn’t want to sign up with just any travel agency. After some research and lots of prayer, I decide to put myself out there. I had posted on Facebook one day asking if anyone was a Disney travel agent or if they know of anyone to please comment below. In my life experience, the best way to find someone in any area of life is by word of mouth.

A family member and also a friend from church had tagged Leslie Lowry on my post. I reached out and we instantly became connected. It was effortless. It felt right. I learned of her podcast and YouTube channel that she creates with her husband, Dan. I felt like part of the family immediately. They are genuine and real people. I appreciated this and decided that I had found my home. Now move a couple of weeks out and here we are! I’m now a part of the Fantastical Vacations family! Let’s get this party started shall we?!

I appreciate all of the wonderful and supporting feedback that I have received. In the past, I have helped plan several Disney and Cruise type vacations for multiple friends and family. Now I get to put this to work. I’m so excited for this journey and I ask that you all follow along with me! I’ll be posting blogs to come with helpful information, life experiences, and tips and tricks to help you and your families needs. I look forward to helping many people achieve greatness on their future travels. Have a magical day! ✨


Published by Fantastical Vacations by Leslie Jenkins

Hi! I’m Leslie Jenkins. I’m passionate about Disney and traveling around the world. I’m also passionate about real people helping real people. Assisting people with their adventures is my specialty!✨

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