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✨What to Pack in Your Park Bag✨

My Favorite Park Bag!

☀️ The Sun Essentials- They don’t call Florida the Sunshine state for nothing! Keep your eyes protected by packing your favorite sunglasses, your eyes will thank you! Having a hair tie handy can be a lifesaver if you need to pull your hair up. Protecting you skin is so important. Don’t forget about packing and applying sun cream with a good SPF regularly to prevent the family from sunburns. Who wants to go through vacation with a painful sunburn?💡: If you do run into a sunburn, I recommend keeping aloe vera in your hotel fridge. When you return at night, you can slather the cooling gel onto your hot skin for instant relief. This is also great for sore & hot feet. You will thank me later. Other options such as a mini fan & cooling towels are sure to bring you relief on a hot day.

I purchased these from Amazon.

☔️Weatherproofing- It is almost guaranteed to rain at least once on your Disney vacation, but don’t let this put a damper on your trip. I suggest packing large Ziplock bags, a small umbrella or poncho. Rain jackets also come in handy and are lightweight. 💡: Ziplock bags are not only great for storing wet umbrellas or rain gear but you can also store your electronics, autograph book or snacks to keep them dry from the rain or water rides.

📱Electronics- If you are like me and like to capture every moment at the parks by snapping tons of pictures, you better bring back up. A backup battery pack that is. Spending all day in the parks is sure to drain your battery. By packing a charging option, you can rest assured that all those magical moments will be cherished!

Back up battery charger from Wal Mart.

🩺 Health items- Expect the unexpected. Sometimes things happen, so be prepared. Disney food may cause heartburn or indigestion. Keep Tums or Pepto Bismol tablets handy. Purchasing these items beforehand will not only save you a ton of money but will also be very convenient. Small World give you a headache? Stash some Tylenol or IB Profen in your bag. Venturing in the parks all day is very tiring on the body and can cause inflammation. Having these meds on hand will provide relief. Germs are everywhere! Don’t forget those Wet wipes or hand sanitizer to keep you fresh and clean. Anyone in the family have food allergies? Disney allows you to bring in your own snacks to the parks! Stay hydrated by packing a refillable water bottle. Between the sun and thousands of steps, staying hydrated is crucial. 💡: Did you know Disney provides complimentary ice water anywhere in their parks? Take advantage of this! They even offer complimentary bug spray! Ask any cast member for the nearest location in each park.

🦶🏻Foot Care- The average amount of steps taken daily in a Disney Park is around 10,000 steps. Always wear your most comfortable shoes to the parks! Between blisters and other possible foot pain, it’s good to prevent these occurrences by wearing proper footwear. The last thing you want to do is ruin your feet on your first day. I like to take it to the next level and wrap my pinky toes in mole skin. Since my pinky toes tend to get rubbed from walking, this prevents blisters.

🍬Chewing Gum- Did you know that Disney does not sell gum simply because of the mess it would make? Because of this they don’t want it readily available to guests. If you enjoy chewing gum, be sure to pack this before you step on property.

✨Pack the Magic- Don’t forget your tickets! They can be via magic band or on a card but either way, this is your ticket to the magic! Sport your favorite ears for festivity & photos! When in person “meet and greets” return, don’t forget the Autograph book and sharpie!

My rose gold ears!

💫Well folks, these items are what I keep on my park bag. Knowing that I have these items on hand, I have peace while in the parks. Whatever obstacle approaches me, I have a solution! Until next week, have a magical day! See you real soon!


Published by Fantastical Vacations by Leslie Jenkins

Hi! I’m Leslie Jenkins. I’m passionate about Disney and traveling around the world. I’m also passionate about real people helping real people. Assisting people with their adventures is my specialty!✨

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