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✨How to enjoy your next trip to Walt Disney World✨

Magical Tip #1: Make a Plan! Have you ever heard that phrase “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail?” This is definitely the case at Disney World. I encourage your whole family to sit down together and make a list of “ must-do items” that are your families top priorities. Where would you like to eat? What rides must you ride while visiting? Making a plan is sure to help ease off family stress and assure that no ones dreams get left behind. Who wants FOMO (Fear of missing out)? Not me! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Magical Tip #2: Use a travel agent! I must confess that this is a shameless plug. As an agent specializing in Disney travel, I’m able to work for you! Put me to work and let me work out the details for you and your family! I love planning the magic and I genuinely want you to have a great time! I offer experience, honesty, a sense of urgency, and a love for Disney. Are you having problems with your My Disney Experience app? Maybe your family members aren’t linked up to their tickets properly. Let me sit on the phone for you and find a solution with Disney. Do you need advice on where to eat? Let’s chat! I’ve eaten at several restaurants since I’m a foodie. I’d love to help with these items. Sit back and spend time with the family while I iron out the details with Disney. Hankuna Matata!

Magical Tip #3: Create realistic expectations! We live in an interesting time right now. Disney isn’t “Disney World” during these times to many. During the pandemic, my husband and I ventured to WDW for Valentine’s Day. Disney was different while there were no fast passes, dining plans, fireworks, or character “meet and greets” going on. Even though some things were not in “classic Disney style” ,a lot of items still remain the same. The Disney magic is still there and we had a great time! We enjoyed the spontaneous cavalcades and random character sightings through out the park! The parks still feel like home while being cleaner than ever! The rides haven’t changed and still tell a story. They bring you back to your childhood. Cinderella’s castle still brought me those emotions and had me all misty eyed. The food is delicious! Having expectations for any trip is realistic. At the end of the day, the trip is what you make it!

Magical Tip #4: Be prepared! Being prepared puts me at ease. It’s the little things that truly help an experience at the parks such as packing appropriately. I encourage my clients to wear comfortable and breathable clothing. Pack broken in and supporting shoes. I personally prefer a nice pair of broken in Nikes. I don’t recommend wearing uncomfortable or new shoes while walking at least 10 miles a day at Disney. Your feet will thank you! Plus that could put a damper on your trip. In Florida, its guaranteed to rain. Pack your umbrella or Pancho. Take it one step further and pack a large ziplock bag. When you want to get on a ride or eat dinner, simply fold the item and place it into the Ziploc bag. Now you don’t have to worry about getting other items in your backpack soaking wet and your hands are free. We did this on our last trip and it was life changing. Pack a back pack or small bag with snacks, drinks, a back up phone charger, rain gear, and anything else you may need. I like to have medicine for any unexpected headaches and sunscreen of course to protect my skin. I’ll do a separate blog on what to pack in your park bag. Now in these times, a mask is crucial. I suggest packing several per person. It’s humid and they get sweaty. Also, with the rain it could get soggy. Who wants to feel deal with that?

Magical Tip #5: Enjoy Yourself! Now that you’ve planned out your trip and made all of the arrangements, enjoy it! Disney requires a lot of planning and isn’t the cheapest family vacation. Make sure that you take it all in. Try new snacks! Take pictures and capture those memories with the family and make the absolute most of it! Buy that souvenir before you go home that you can’t stop thinking about. Take the magic home with you! At Disney World, there is something for everyone and you are sure to have a great time. You are worth it! ✨

This wraps up this blog. Until next time! Have a magical day and we will see you real soon! 💫


Published by Fantastical Vacations by Leslie Jenkins

Hi! I’m Leslie Jenkins. I’m passionate about Disney and traveling around the world. I’m also passionate about real people helping real people. Assisting people with their adventures is my specialty!✨

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